Y erase board because we are no longer able to understande 99 percent of what she says orally. viagra cost She’s 89 years old, her mind sharp, her attitude and appreciation of life great. viagra online canada overnight She has told us if she chokes and her heart stops, no resusitation. 36 hour viagra online Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to help her, what to do for her and what she might still be able to do for herself. We realize it’s end stage but we’re not ready to give up. Hope is important. cheap generic viagra Is there surgery or anything to keep her throat clear and her comfortable? buy viagra in uk online Avijit says: january 7, 2011 at 2:27 pm my mom has exactly similar problem as described above. Please help. cheap viagra online A v i j i t bob thorpe says: january 9, 2011 at 11:14 am june: on january 1, 2011, my mother, afflicted with parkinson’s, choked to the point where she was unconsious and not breathing. If not for the efforts of my brother recusitation attempts until the arrival of ems, she certainly would have died. compare price viagra viagra viagra She was on a ventilator for 5 days, as she aspirated into her lungs, which is now cleared up. can women take viagra yahoo answers My father is in denial in that he feels that he can be her primary caregiver, and can look after her. We, the siblings say no more. She now requires, at minimum, 12 hour a day, 7 days per week care by a professional. viagra drug interactions flomax My father goes out during the day for an hour or so at a time, and he is no sooner out of the driveway and my mother is trying her best to get her walker and into the kitchen, where 90% of the time, she has fallen and unable to get up and will lay there for the duration until he arrives home. 36 hour viagra online This is no longer acceptable, and these recent choking episodes, known as dysphagia, are only going to increase, as she will not stick to the plan and program set out for her. All i can say,if your mother is as stubborn as mine, a close watch will have to put on her…and please take a cpr course and learn the proper heimlich technique for persons afflicted with this horrible disease. viagra generic In answer to your questions, there is only swallowing exercises that an slp can provide, and you should consider her wishes not to be revived in the event of a incident. viagra online I am convinced that my mom is of the same desire…tragic, but true. All the best, and stay in touch on the site.. I will keep you posted if you wish…. Bob staci.
James,oil and acrilyc on canvas,40 x 60 cm,2011

James   by Francesco Rinoldi   

© Joseph Litzinger 2015